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Do you want to feel healthier, lose weight or experience less pain?
Do you want to enjoy sex again (or have more)?!
Or are you looking to reduce stress from your life?


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Meet Chrissie - Your Health Coach, Reiki Master and Guide to Health and Wellness

I Now Live a Life I Love! But that wasn’t always the case. My own personal obstacles set me on a path of lifelong learning in the areas of wellbeing, nutrition, mindfulness and health science. And now, I happily specialise in helping you overcome your personal obstacles to health.

If you are trying to get more out of life quickly and easily, improve your energy levels, and live life with more enthusiasm and zest then I can definitely help you. I am passionate about health and wellness education.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 14 months of age and have lived healthily for the last 37 years with it (complication free).

I follow a gluten free, dairy free, low fodmap, low salicylate diet and have great experience in managing dietary elimination and gut health rebuilding. I have created an incredible life with harmonious relationships (including with my ex husband) which bring me joy every day. I discovered food sensitivities were the cause of my 2nd daughters initial failure to thrive and this knowledge completely changed my whole family’s life for the better.

I also supported my other daughter through PTSD from a car accident in 2016 and have worked tirelessly at my own physical and emotional recovery from that same accident. When you want to easily feel awesome all day, every day, turn to the experts in health and wellness education. I would love to help you get more out of life quickly and easily, improve your energy levels, and help you live life with more enthusiasm and zest AND have fun along the way!

What People Are Saying

"It's amazing really Chrissie, I am totally filled with acceptance and love for me, which I have struggled with and I feel I can give so much more now, pretty amazing!!!!"
Ferny Hills
"I never thought I'd come across something like this, someone like you, you have supported me to look at my all aspects of myself, be vulnerable to it and then come out so much stronger, brighter and lighter in myself, the best part is, it is spreading through my whole life, thank you so much."
I am loved. I am enough. I trust that I have everything I need. I don’t need to fear missing out on anything. Today I went through an emotional journey and breakthrough like NO other. The pain in my body started to dissipate and I felt a heavy weight lift off me. The message is to LET GO and make room for receiving. Thank You Chrissie!

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