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Can a Health and Wellness Coach be an autoimmune specialist? The short answer is YES.

If you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease you already know that relieving the symptoms can be highly complex and involve many autoimmune specialists from varied fields involving travel all over Brisbane. Having lived with Type 1 diabetes for my whole life I understand the significant impact autoimmune conditions can have on your everyday sense of wellbeing. Through learning about neuroplasticity and neural rewiring I have come to understand how our brain’s neural pathways are formed and strengthened. I have found that through that knowledge and a range of other techniques I can support you to live a life you love even with an autoimmune condition.

As your health and wellness coach I design each session so that the knowledge you gain will work within your life. In applying what I can teach you, you will build the capacity to thrive in this life. I will support and guide you to uncover the ways your brain is sending you signals – signals that YOU actually have the POWER to change. Whilst it requires persistence and a desire for change on your part, with my support I’m confident that you will stay on track and see lasting improvements in your autoimmune disease. Small, consistent habits can have enormous positive impacts on all aspects of your wellbeing over time, and I know with autoimmune challenges it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. Meaning that we can easily lose sight of the big picture.

As a health nutritionist experienced in wellness coaching I can help you understand and put in place changes to your nutrition, exercise and daily routine, to drastically improve the quality of your life. Simple steps like adding meditation and improving your mindset (both based on neuroplasticity techniques I have learned) could be included.

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If you’re anything like me, you want someone who supports you, doesn’t judge you and understands what living with autoimmune conditions is like that's where a Holistic Health Coach can help.

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You’re probably sick of hearing worst case scenarios, and whilst the loving support of family is wonderful and necessary, you need someone who has got your back and will give you the push when you need it, help you see where you may be tripping yourself up and encourage you to dream big, whilst taking small steps that add up over time.

I can help you to understand complex scientific research through my health science degree. I love pulling apart research to help find the best options for you (with the assistance of your health care practitioner). There are many ways that inflammation plays into autoimmune conditions and more often than not we increase the inflammation through anxiety created around the condition. I can help you uncover the patterns that aren’t helping you and together we’ll create an action plan to get you living a life you love. 

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