Energy Healing and Reiki Brisbane

Did you know that Reiki and Energy Healing can help you to increase energy, reduce stress and improve your feelings of relaxation and wellbeing?

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As a qualified Reiki master based in Brisbane, I have seen the benefits of reiki healing over many years. Reiki can help you with any of these conditions:

Reiki is a form of spiritual therapy that eliminates tension and stress. This energy healing technique dates back to the late 1800s and since then, has helped people worldwide to improve their overall well-being. In your reiki session I will perform the healing by transferring universal energy to you through the use of my hands so that you can live a life you love!

So what is Reiki Therapy and where does it come from?

Reiki Brisbane
Reiki comes from two Japanese words – “rei,” which means soul, and “ki,” which means vital energy. By using reiki therapy I have been able to eliminate pain and spasms in my clients by balancing the energy fields in their bodies. Much pain is caused when an area of the body has an energy “blockage”. With this holistic therapy I can eliminate these blocks and boost your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

In an energy healing session with me, I aim to empower you to reconnect to the divine within. I use a range of techniques in my Brisbane based practice  that I have learned from teachers all over Australia. I use a gentle mix of Reiki, Tibetan healing medicine, plant and bush flower medicine, shamanic practices, mediumship, medical intuition and manifesting. Every session is different but I am always humbled by working with clients in this way, it is a true gift to me to behold my clients with unconditional love, to bear witness to your challenges, and to guide you back home to your divinity within.

I also have a range of body work techniques that I can draw upon should it be called upon, such as Bowen Therapy, massage, and Ortho-Bionomy.

Here are some of the common benefits my clients report from a Reiki and Energy Healing Session

I love it that my clients report that their Reiki session provides some of the most successful recovery results where other modalities have failed. During your energy healing session you will likely experience great comfort and a calming sensation. Join the growing number of people who are coming to realise that this is one of the most powerful therapies that can unlock a gateway to significant health and wellbeing benefits.

Are you suffering from stress or anxiety ? I have helped many clients in that same position and they report that after their reiki session they are more relaxed and sleep better. Some also report that it boosts their feelings of wellbeing so much that they can overcome mental and physical exhaustion.

I have successfully treated people with muscle pains, ailments, and even burns as my energy therapy helps my client’s bodies to relax and recover from pain. As I can provide a soothing treatment in a calm, non-intimidating setting based in Brisbane, you will be more likely to regain your mental health and emotional balance however I also love that the universal energy treatment I provide also aids in renewing the body’s physical wellness.

Is Reiki Energy Healing For You?


You are faced with responsibilities, decisions, and problems every day. You work to reach your goals, but do you find that the constant pressure tires your body – sometimes without you even knowing it until you crash. Many of us have pushed ourselves so hard that we reach a breaking point. That breaking point can lead to burnout, stress, pain, or even illness.

As one of the oldest and most effective spiritual treatments reiki can help you renew yourself and replenish your body leaving you feeling nourished with positive energy. From my years as a Reiki master, I have seen first hand how this beautiful treatment can take your pain away and help you recover from the stressors surrounding you. I would love to support you and help you to heal so that you can get back to living a life you love.

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