Group Health Coaching in Brisbane

Are you interested in health coaching but prefer not to be in a 1 on 1 environment? My Group Health Coaching in Brisbane could be just what you're looking for!​

 Do you love to motivate people in your life to be healthier and happier? Do you work better with a community around you? Group Health Coaching could be the answer you’re looking for.

I facilitate groups on different focus areas of health, I always take a holistic approach to health and wellness so we can either tailor a session to a particular topic like managing stress or improving relationships, nutrition and neuroscience, mindfulness and meditation, or join in for a 10 week program where we cover many different holistic health topics.


I love creating a fun group dynamic where each person contributes to their level of comfort and we also create some group challenge goals to support each other. Research shows that habit change behaviours are far more effective when we have accountability.

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