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If You’re Looking for Better Sleep and Greater Relaxation Guided Meditation Can Really Help

You might think of meditation as a spiritual practice but did you know that guided meditation promotes a sound mind and a healthy body? In meditation, you take time to pause what you are doing to relax your mind. Like any other muscle, the mind benefits from exercise and a mindfulness meditation is just that, but it also allows your mind to “take a break” from working and when practised regularly leads to an overall reduction in stress.

But Why Should I Choose a Wellbeing Coach for Meditation?


Firstly, although there are a lot of meditation methods, many of my clients find that starting with my guided meditation helps them to “get the hang” of it better. Although it seems a simple concept, many people struggle to enjoy the full benefits straight away and that is where a wellbeing coach like me can really help.

With my training in meditation and neuroplasticity, I can explain the intricacies and subtleties of the mind, how your mind is likely to work and respond to meditation and how to integrate your practice into your life – no matter how busy it is! Best of all, this learning can all be done in person if you are in Brisbane or virtually at your convenience.

If you would like to try some of my FREE guided meditation offerings, including my special kids sleep meditation please go to my Youtube page

I Want to Start Meditation for Healing - What Can I Expect ?


Whether your concern is stress, heart health, chronic pain, anxiety, low mood, poor immunity, pregnancy problems, inattention, loss of working memory or difficulties learning, your guided meditation with me includes an explanation of the power of the mind and how you can harness it to alleviate each of those health concerns. My qualifications as a health and wellbeing coach, together with my experience in leading guided meditations, allow me to explain an easy step by step way to approach meditation so that you achieve the very best results for you.

I can share with you my experience in the area so that you can enjoy the benefits sooner than you might if you tried to learn this skill alone. As you are unique and your concerns are unique, I can help you to try different techniques to further improve your practice and fully adapt it to YOUR needs.

Finally, I can help you “find the time” to integrate your newly found “health secret” into YOUR life no matter what your circumstances and help keep you on track so that you can begin living a life you love. With my support and encouragement my students have reaped the healing benefits of meditation.

I’ve Heard About Kids Sleep Meditation - Can That Really Help My Kids to Sleep?!

The good news is kids sleep meditation (or indeed meditation at any time of the day) can help our kids just as much as it helps adults. Meditation helps young kids release energy, process the concerns of the day, and find comfort at night easing them into a more restful sleep. So are you ready to make bedtime easier for you and your child?

There are many different options for this type of meditation. Each of them works on the brain frequencies known as the “alpha state” (think daydreaming).

I find that the best way to encourage your kids to give meditation a go, is to:

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